MARK ROWEN / Radiance [7718122602]

MARK ROWEN / Radiance [7718122602]

販売価格: ¥1,700(税別)

(税込価格: ¥1,836)



 発売元  Mark Rowen 
 EAN  0797153999830 
 発売年  2018 


Mark Rowen: Guitars, Keyboard programming, Backing Vocals
Lisa Box: Lead and Backing Vocals
Barry Cassells: Drums
Leigh Perkins: Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Paul Teasdale: Bass, Backing Vocals

収録曲:1. Opening Move 2. My Shadow Walks Alone 3. Feel Like Letting Go 4. On The Blue Horizon 5. The Reason Why 6. Time To Leave 7. Lure Of The Siren 8. Carousel 9. Trick Of The Light 10. Love Is Like A Rock 11. Shine