BRETT WALKER / Last Parade - Volume 1 [7718112101]

BRETT WALKER / Last Parade - Volume 1 [7718112101]

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 レーベル  MelodicRock Records 
 品番  MRR075A
 発売年  2019
 備考  3枚組

アメリカのシンガーソングライターの音源集のうち、Disc 1、2、3の3枚組。



Disc1. The Early Demos (Quality Varies Throughout): 01. Crossroads Motel (91-93 Demo) 02. Don’t Say Goodnight (Early Demo) 03. Better Than Goodbye (Early Demo) 04. Big Electric City (91-93 Demo) 05. Bad Time For Goodbye (Early Demo) 06. Hard To Find An Easy Way (91-93 Demo) 07. I’ll Be Seeing You Around (Early Demo) 08. Take Me Home (Early Demo) 09. No Sense In Falling (91-93 Demo) 10. More Than A Memory (91-93 Demo) 11. I’ll Never Be The Same (91-93 Demo) 12. One Foot In Heaven (Early Demo) 13. Never Gave Roses (Early Demo) 14. She Don’t Live Here Anymore (91-93 Demo) 15. Waiting For Love (Original Demo) 16. After The Tears Have Gone (Early Demo)

Disc.2 Album Cuts – The Alt Mixes/Alt Versions: 01. Hard To Find An Easy Way (Early Solo Version) 02. It’s A Good Thing (Rock Mix) 03. Bad Time For Goodbye (Alt Mix) 04. American Dreamer (Rock Version) 05. Rain Dance (Rock Mix) 06. Everything I Want To Do (Piano Ballad Version) 07. Bring Back The Night (Alt Mix) 08. Long Way Down (Rock Mix) 09. Can’t Stay Too Long (Alt Mix) 10. Drown In Your Ocean (Edited Version) 11. Give A Little (Alt Mix) 12. Give Me Back Tomorrow (Solo Acoustic Version) 13. Rain Dance (Acoustic AOR Version) 14. Someday I’m Going To Be Famous (Original Demo) 15. Take Me Home (Raw Demo) 16. Better Than Goodbye (Rock Version) 17. Quicksand (Alt Mix)

Disc 3. Person To Person – The Complete Original Recordings: 01. Undercover Lover (Brian Jones/Brett Walker Vocals) 02. Never Be The Same (Brian Jones/Brett Walker Vocals) 03. Lecia 04. Careless Nights 05. Hard To Find An Easy Way 06. No Shortcut To Paradise 07. Far Cry From Love 08. Waiting For Love 09. I’ll Never Be The Same 10. No Sense In Falling (Extended) 11. One Night Away 12. No Fire Without You (Keyboard Mix) 13. Outta Site 14. Eye For Love 15. More Than A Memory 16. Undercover Lover (Live) 17. Waiting For Your Love (Live) 18. Burning In The 3rd Degree (Live)