PLEASURE MAKER / Dancin' With Danger +1 [EU盤] [7718092706]

PLEASURE MAKER / Dancin' With Danger +1 [EU盤] [7718092706]


Steelheart Records




Pleasure Maker: Alex Meister (Guitars, Vocals), C. Marshal l(Lead Vocals), Mark Sant'Anna (Bass), Adriano Morais (Drums, Vocals)

1. Dancin' With Danger 2. Chains of Love 3. It Ain't 'Bout Love 4. On the Other Side of Midnight 5. Rock the Night Away 6. Flesh and Blood 7. Lonely Is the Night 8. Out There 9. Never Look Back 10. Matter of Feelings 11. Runnin' Out of Time 12. She's Gone Too Far (Bonus Track)