ACACIA AVENUE / Worlds Apart [7718092401]

ACACIA AVENUE / Worlds Apart [7718092401]

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Perris Records



毎回好評のTorben Enevoldsen(G&B&Key / Fate, Decoy)のメロディアスHRプロジェクト2018年全11曲入りアルバム!

TRACKLIST: 01 Stand Up And Shout 02 Worlds Apart 03 Out Of Control 04 Fly Away 05 Mine All Mine 06 Straight To The Heart 07 Reaching Out 08 Seeing Is Believing 09 Don't Chain My Heart 10 Wait For Love 11 Chasing Starlight

LINE-UP: Torben Enevoldsen - guitar, bass,vocals and keyboards, Dennis Hansen -Drums,

Vocalist include: Peter Sundell (C.O.P., Grand Illusion), Dagfinn Joensen (Fate), Torben Lysholm(Pangea, Mysterell), Nicklas Sonne(Defecto, Section A) & Michael Bastholm Dahl (Artillery).