SAPPHIRE EYES / Breath Of Ages [7718101201]

SAPPHIRE EYES / Breath Of Ages [7718101201]

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The Junction



Alyson Avenueなどで知られるNiclas Olssonを中心とする北欧メロディアスハード待望のニューアルバム!シンガーはUrban Taleなどで知られるKimmo Blom。メロハーファン必聴盤です!!Anette Olzonが2曲デュエットで参加。

SAPPHIRE EYES: Kimmo Blom (vocas), Emil Knabe (guitars), Mikey K Nilsson (guitars), Christer Engholm (bass), Fredrik Eriksson (drums), Niclas Olsson (keyboards)

Guest musicians: Anette Olzon: duet vocals (on songs 5,11) Anette Johansson: harmony & backing vocals (3,4,5,7,8,9) Mike Andersson: harmony & backing vocals (3,4,6) Thomas Bursell: backing vocals (2,9,10) Fredrik Bergengren: guitars (8) Sven Larsson: guitars (10) Jörgen Persson: bass (6,7,10) Ulf Widlund: bass (8) Thomas Löyskä: bass (1,9) & acoustic guitar (3)

Produced & mixed by Niclas Olsson, Mastered by Pontus Lindmark

01) My Desire 02) I Don’t Wanna Be Alone 03) Endless Hope 04) Never Again 05) I Won’t Leave With a Lie 06) Chasing Dreams 07) Wherever You Go 08) Maybe 09) Into Paradise 10) One in a Million 11) I Won’t Leave With a Lie [Rock version] (bonus track)