HEAVEN'S TRAIL / Lethal Mind [7718101801]

HEAVEN'S TRAIL / Lethal Mind [7718101801]

販売価格: ¥1,620(税込)



Escape Music

Masterplan、Jaded Heartのメンバーら実力者達によるメロディックHR/HMバンド、2018年デビューアルバム。叙情性・ドラマ性を持つパワフルでダイナミックなへヴィサウンド!

Track List: 1 Lethal Mind 2 Too Late 3 Changes 4 Carousel 5 Feed my Soul 6 On The Rise 7 The Flame 8 Walking in the shadows 9 Voodoo 10 King of Pain 11 Simplified

Heaven's Trail is:
Rick Altzi - Vocals (Masterplan, ex At Vance)
Barish Kepic - Guitars and Keyboards (ex-Jaded Heart, Powerworld, and Evidence One)
Michael Muller - Bass (Jaded Heart, ex-Mad Max)
Kevin Kott - Drums (Masterplan, ex At Vance)