BRETT WALKER / Last Parade [Special Edition] [7718112103]

BRETT WALKER / Last Parade [Special Edition] [7718112103]


 レーベル  MelodicRock Records 
 品番  MRR075SE 
 発売年  2019 
 備考  6枚組・500セット限定品 
 その他  デジタルボートラ50曲付き 



・仕様:Volume 1(3枚組)+Volume 2(3枚組) / ロング・スリップケース / 24Pブックレット / デジタル・ボーナストラック50曲付き




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The Early Demos (Quality Varies Throughout): 01. Crossroads Motel (91-93 Demo) 02. Don’t Say Goodnight (Early Demo) 03. Better Than Goodbye (Early Demo) 04. Big Electric City (91-93 Demo) 05. Bad Time For Goodbye (Early Demo) 06. Hard To Find An Easy Way (91-93 Demo) 07. I’ll Be Seeing You Around (Early Demo) 08. Take Me Home (Early Demo) 09. No Sense In Falling (91-93 Demo) 10. More Than A Memory (91-93 Demo) 11. I’ll Never Be The Same (91-93 Demo) 12. One Foot In Heaven (Early Demo) 13. Never Gave Roses (Early Demo) 14. She Don’t Live Here Anymore (91-93 Demo) 15. Waiting For Love (Original Demo) 16. After The Tears Have Gone (Early Demo)

Album Cuts – The Alt Mixes/Alt Versions: 01. Hard To Find An Easy Way (Early Solo Version) 02. It’s A Good Thing (Rock Mix) 03. Bad Time For Goodbye (Alt Mix) 04. American Dreamer (Rock Version) 05. Rain Dance (Rock Mix) 06. Everything I Want To Do (Piano Ballad Version) 07. Bring Back The Night (Alt Mix) 08. Long Way Down (Rock Mix) 09. Can’t Stay Too Long (Alt Mix) 10. Drown In Your Ocean (Edited Version) 11. Give A Little (Alt Mix) 12. Give Me Back Tomorrow (Solo Acoustic Version) 13. Rain Dance (Acoustic AOR Version) 14. Someday I’m Going To Be Famous (Original Demo) 15. Take Me Home (Raw Demo) 16. Better Than Goodbye (Rock Version) 17. Quicksand (Alt Mix)

Person To Person – The Complete Original Recordings: 01. Undercover Lover (Brian Jones/Brett Walker Vocals) 02. Never Be The Same (Brian Jones/Brett Walker Vocals) 03. Lecia 04. Careless Nights 05. Hard To Find An Easy Way 06. No Shortcut To Paradise 07. Far Cry From Love 08. Waiting For Love 09. I’ll Never Be The Same 10. No Sense In Falling (Extended) 11. One Night Away 12. No Fire Without You (Keyboard Mix) 13. Outta Site 14. Eye For Love 15. More Than A Memory 16. Undercover Lover (Live) 17. Waiting For Your Love (Live) 18. Burning In The 3rd Degree (Live)


The Unreleased Archives – Vol. 1 – The AOR Anthems: 01. Still A Dream Away (Demo Version) 02. Branded 03. Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of 04. Don’t Turn Out The Lights (Brett Vocals; Guitar Mix) 05. After The Tears Have Gone 06. I’ll Be Seeing You Around 07. A Far Cry From Love (Faster Version) 08. Higher Ground 09. Who’s Gonna Be In Tears 10. So Close And Yet So Far Away 11. Heaven Stops The Rain 12. In This Crazy World 13. Still A World Away 14. One Foot In Heaven 15. On The Train Again 16. Countless 17. Last Parade

The Unreleased Archives – Vol. 2 – More Anthems & Guest Spots: 01. Always A Place 02. A Little Too Late 03. Fools Paradise 04. Heaven Only Knows 05. Wrong Side Of Love 06. Not About To Give In 07. All I Need Tonight (Guitar Mix) 08. Take Me To The River (Heavy Version) 09. No Reasons Of The Heart 10. Silver And Gold 11. Bring You To Life 12. Hard To Leave (Demo; Carl Dixon Vocal) 13. Don’t Turn Out The Lights (Demo; Carl Dixon Vocal) 14. She’s A Touch Like You (Carl Dixon Vocal) 15. A Taste Of Love (Demo; Carl Dixon Vocal) 16. More Than A Memory (Carl Dixon Vocal) 17. One Good Reason (Carl Dixon Vocal) 18. Don’t Turn Out The Lights (Michelle Rohl Vocal)

The Unreleased Archives – Vol. 3 – The Midwestern Moods: 01. Steady Love On Shaky Ground 02. I Know You’re Still Around 03. The World 04. Hit The Dream 05. Believe Me 06. Never Too Late 07. Good Enough (from Rock For Japan Comp) 08. Hard To Break 09. Catchin’ On (from SJV Sessions) 10. Alright By Me (from SJV Sessions) 11. Rights To Yesterday (from SJV Sessions) 12. Living On The Moon 13. Wherever 14. Photographic Life 15. Shine 16. Stranger In Town 17. Feels Like Forever


Bonus 1 - A Little Bit Of This & A Lot Of That
A Far Cry From Love (Slower Vers) / All I Need (Less Guitar) / Alright By Me (Lower Guitar Solo) / BW Radio Plug / Didn't Mean To Say Goodbye (91-93 Demo) / Don't Mean Much / Drown In Your Ocean (Half Inst) / Give A Little Love (91-93 Demo) / I Could Be Wrong (Alt Version) / It's A Good Thing (First Mix) / Last Parade (Early Demo) / Lecia (Live Acoustic, Swedish TV4, 1994) / Living On The Moon (Remix) / More Than a Memory (Alt Mix Demo) / More Than A Memory (Demo, Carl Dixon Vocal) / No Reasons Of The Heart (Alt Mix) / No Sense In Falling (Outake) / One Good Reason (Lower Vocal) / Quicksand (Early Alt Mix) / Rain Dance (2nd Mix) / Rain Dance (Less Chorus Vox) / Rain In My Heart (Louder Backing Vox) / So Close So Far Away (Different Source) / Taste of Love (Carl Dixon Version) / Taste Of Love (Jimi Jamison Version)

Bonus Material 2 – Gone South: The Country Demos
Buy You A Cadillac / Don't Come Back Crying (Inst) / Don't Come Back Crying / Elvis (95) / Hollywood Rodeo / Less Of Me / My Old Friend Whiskey / Never Take My Rag Doll From Me

Bonus Material 3 - The Instrumentals
After The Tears (Inst) / Always A Place (Inst) / Bring You To Life (Inst) / Didn't Mean To Say Goodbye (Inst) / Don't Come Back Crying (Inst) / Everything I Want To Do (Ballad Version, Inst) / Fooled Again (Inst) / Hard Dark Music (Inst) / Hard To Find An Easy Way (Mixed For TV Inst) / Heaven Only Knows (Inst) / It Looks A Lot Like Rain (Inst) / It's A Good Thing (Inst) / Lecia (Mixed For TV Inst) / Solo Piano (Freeform 1) / Solo Piano (Freeform 2) / Stranger In Town (Inst) / Untitled (Mid Tempo Inst)