NEWMAN / Decade II [7718092702]

NEWMAN / Decade II [7718092702]




2枚組 / 1,000枚限定盤


Steve Newman率いる英国メロディアスハード、10年前にリリースされたベスト盤に続く第2弾!Disc 1には2007年“Primitive Soul”, 2010年 “The Art Of Balance”, 2011年“Under Southern Skies”, 2013年“Siren”, 2016年“The Elegance Machine”から17曲をチョイス、Disc 2には2011年以降の未発表曲を中心に17曲を収録。メロハーファンには貴重なアイテムとなる2枚組。

Disc 1 features 17 songs from the 2007 album “Primitive Soul” through “The Art Of Balance”, “Under Southern Skies”, “Siren”, and finally the 2015 album “The Elegance Machine”.

Disc 2 features another 17 songs, some that were written and even recorded, but not included on the final releases, songs that were written for other artists and 2 songs that were originally released as Japanese bonus tracks. There are some songs, as before, that were “works in progress” especially recorded for this release and also another 6 songs from the “Aerial” sessions.


Cd 1: 01 Hero To Zero, 02 Heading For Your Heart, 03 Ghost In The Night, 04 Feel Her Again, 05 Stay With Me, 06 The Elegance Machine, 07 Killing Me, 08 Primitive Soul, 09 Endless, 10 Fire With Fire, 11 Scar Of Love, 12 15 Minute Revolution, 13 She Walks In Silence, 14 Under Southern Skies, 15 Had Enough, 16 Tumble Down, 17 For The Man I Am

Cd 2: 01 Breaking The Barrier, 02 Girl Found Love, 03 Liar, 04 One More Night With You, 05 Fight No More, 06 She's The Woman, 07 Nightmare, 08 Angel, 09 World Keeps Turning, 10 In Too Deep, 11 The More I Love, 12 Crossed My Heart, 13 A Witness To Love's Decline, 14 Does It Feel The Same?, 15 Race Of A Lifetime, 16 Never Becomes Again, 17 My Fantasy