GUILD OF AGES / Rise [7718062901]

GUILD OF AGES / Rise [7718062901]

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Escape Music



Caught In The Act時代からメロハーファンに支持されてきたUSメロディアスハード2018年全12曲入りアルバム。叙情性にエッジあるサウンドと魅力あるメロディが調和、メロディアスHRファン注目の1枚。

Anthony 'Antz' Trujillo(Guitars, keyboards, vocals), Danny Martinez Jr(Lead Vocals, guitars), James Lostetter(Bass), Steve Stuntz(Drums, vocals) Additional Piano: JC Cernan on "All Fall Down"

Produced by Guild of Ages / Mixed by: Steve Stuntz and Anthony ‘Antz’ Trujillo / Mastered by: JK Northrup / Music by Guild of Ages / Lyrics by Antz Trujillo & Danny Martinez Jr

Track list: 1. Intro 2. Deep In Heaven 3. Around The Sun 4. Addicted 5. Every Road Leads Me Home 6. All Fall Down 7. Awaken 8. Love Rules All 9. I'll Keep Burnin' 10. Rise Another Day 11. Hearts Collide 12. Outro