COLDSPELL / A New World Arise [Escape盤] [7717092201]

COLDSPELL / A New World Arise [Escape盤] [7717092201]

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Escape Music



元R.A.W.のMichael Larsson(G)を中心としたスウェーデンのメロディックHRバンド4作目となる最新作。ミックスは本作もTommy Hansenが務め、より磨きのかかった王道正統派メロディックHRを聴かせ、全HR/HMファンへ強力にアピールする力作。ゲストキーボードでJona Tee(H.E.A.T)、Ged Rylands(Rage Of Angels)が参加。


1. Forevermore 2. Call Of The Wild 3. It Hurts 4. Miles Away 5. Signs 6. Love Me Like You Do 7. This Is Me 8. Get To The Top 9. Wait Till Tomorrow 10. Losin’ My Mind 11. Just One Night 12. A New World Arise 

Produced: Michael Larsson

Mixed/mastered: Tommy Hansen

Band: Niclas Svedentorp - lead vocals, Michael Larsson - guitars, Chris Goldsmith - bass, Per Johanson - drums

Additional musicians – Matti Eklund – Keyboards

Guest Musicians: Jona Tee (Heat) - Keyboards on: It hurts / Love me like you do / Wait until tomorrow Ged Rylands (Tyketto/Rage of angels) – Keyboards on Get to the top / Just one night