CLAUDIA / Claudia 【LP+CD】 [3317042101]

CLAUDIA / Claudia 【LP+CD】 [3317042101]


Sunset Dreams Records


LP+CD (LPジャケット内にCD封入) / 1,000枚限定盤




Guitars: Steve Lukather, Lee Ritenour, Paul Jackson Jr., Daniel Sawyer

Keyboards: David Foster, Erich Bulling, David Loeb

Bass: Dennis Belfield, Leland Sklar

Drums: Carlos Vega, Michael Baird

Saxphone: Gary Herbig

Background Vocals: Richard Page, Steve George, Tom Kelly


Track Listing : 1) Handle me Right 2) No Love Lost 3) I Want To 4) Don't Stop Now 5) Jamie 6) Back Again 7) There You Go Again 8) Yesterday's Dream 9) Stay 10) The Road To Goodbye