SHINING LINE / Shining Line +1 [7716101201]


Street Symphonies



Room Experience/Charming Grace/Raintimes等でお馴染みのメロディックロック職人Pierpaolo “Zorro” Monti(D)とAmos Monti(B)によるメロディアスハードプロジェクト2010年の名作に、ボートラ1曲を追加し、ジャケットも新調された再発盤。


参加ミュージシャンは、Mario Percudani(Hungryheart)、Alessandro Del Vecchio(Hardline他)、Marco D'Andrea他。シンガーは下記参照。


01. Highway Of Love (Erik Martensson)

02. Amy (Harry Hess)

03. Strong Enough (Robbie LaBlanc)

04. Heaven’s Path (Instrumental)

05. Heat Of The Light (Robin Beck)

06. Can’t Stop The Rock (Mikael Erlandsson)

07. The Meaning Of My Lonely Words (Michael Shotton)

08. The Infinity In Us (Michael Voss)

09. Still In Your Heart (Bob Harris & Sue Willetts)

10. Homeless’ Lullaby (Carsten “Lizard” Schulz & Ulrich Carlsson)

11. Follow the Stars (Phil Vincent)

12. Unbreakable Wire (Jack Meille, Bruno Kraler, Graziano De Murtas & Alessandro Del Vecchio)

13. This Is Our Life (feat. The Italian Rock Gang – BONUS TRACK Exclusive)

14. Under Silent Walls Part I – Blossom: From Night to Dawn (Instrumental)

15. Under Silent Walls Part II – Alone (Michael Bormann)

16. Under Silent Walls Part III – Overture: Death of Cupid (Instrumental)


SHINING LINE / Shining Line +1 [7716101201]

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