RAGE OF ANGELS / The Devils New Tricks [7716022603]

RAGE OF ANGELS / The Devils New Tricks [7716022603]

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Escape Music



元TenのGed Rylands(Key & G)を中心としたメロディアスHRバンド2016年2ndアルバム。シンガーはRob Moratti。重厚なハードロックからキャッチーな曲までメロディアスで聴きどころ満載の大変充実した内容は流石。全HRファン必聴作!


Rage of Angels is: Ged Rylands Keyboards and Guitars (Tyketto and ex-Ten), Rob Moratti Lead vocals (solo artist, Final Frontiers, and ex-SAGA), Neil Fraser Lead Guitars (ex Ten), Chris Green Lead Guitars (Tyketto and Rubicon Cross), Martin Kronlund lead Guitars (Gypsy Rose), Perra Johannsen Drums (Coldspell), Chris Goldsmith Bass (Coldspell)


1. R.O.A 2. All Your Own Way 3. The Devil's New Tricks 4. One Step Closer  5. Strangers In The Night 6. Love Will Never Die 7. In And Out Of Love 8. I Feel It In My Heart 9. Stop Changing The TV  10. Long Days Without You


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